Lease to own with Amerilease!!!

Our Lease to Own program could be clearly described as a hybrid between a long term rental and a regular loan. If you love your car, you can own it at any time! If you don’t like it, simply return it at the end of your term or trade it in at any time. Amerilease was designed for customers that are either trying to build or rebuild their credit in such a way that they can do it in 18 to 24 months. No long term commitments, think short-term with Amerilease.

Leases typically includes the following:

  • Mileage limitations

    Usually 12,000 to 25,000 miles per year at the rate of 15 cents per every extra mile.

  • Maintenance requirements

    It is the driver’s responsibility to perform regular oil changes and other preventive maintenance.

  • Out-of-pocket repairs

    Any fixes that are not covered by the manufacture’s warranties or lease agreement is the responsibility of the driver.

  • Minimum level of insurance coverage.

    Vehicle must have full coverage with a maximum of $1,000 for Comprehensive and Collision deductibles.

Keep in mind that while you are making monthly payments, you do not own the car, so any damage you do to the vehicle during the term of the lease will most likely come out of your pocket when the lease expires.